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An Unfinished and Incoherent Fact Based Essay Collection 'Finland Unrevealed'

posté le 04/04/14 par AT Mots-clés  économie  histoire / archive  sans-papiers 

An Unfinished and Incoherent Fact Based Essay Collection ’Finland Unrevealed’

For a limited time available now in Facebook an Unfinished and Incoherent Fact Based Essay Collection link about the problems one finds in Finland (needs logging in FB). Read more on journalists practising self-censorship, mass media usage, security police history and it turning to red, systematic procedures practised to shape the Finland more Russia (and Soviet) friendly, The Agreement of Friendship Cooperation and Mutual Assistance, abuse formulas used by the police and government officials etc. Link is an essential reading for those who plan to move, work or live in Finland (with the exception for those needed by the government everything is arranged like in Soviet Union). And there is still more to come... do not be shocked and you do reading at your own risk. Link will not show in Finland, as it would be censored by. It has been closed for some nations in order to avoid interfering into their internal circumstances.

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