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CODE ROOD calls for mass civil disobedience in port of Amsterdam

gepost op 06/05/17 door Code Rood
lieu : Port of Amsterdam
adresse : Orlyplein, Amsterdam
Trefwoorden  luttes environnementales  actie 

Code Rood [Code Red] is calling for a mass disobedience action to protect our collective future. On the 24th of June, the second anniversary of the historic victory against the Dutch government in the Urgenda Climate Case, we will draw a red line against climate change in the port of Amsterdam, the largest gasoline harbour in the world and 2nd largest coal harbour in Europe (after Rotterdam).

Action Day: Saturday 24th of June, port of Amsterdam
Climate Camp: Thursday 22nd-Monday 26th of June, port of Amsterdam
Mobilisation video & facebook event

From Thursday June 22nd until Monday June 26th there will also be an informal climate camp in the port of Amsterdam, on biking distance from Sloterdijk train station. The exact location will be announced at the very last moment. Please plan to come as early as possible to the camp – if possible from 22nd of June - to build and secure the camp together, and to be well prepared for the action on the 24th of June.

There is no time to lose. While climate is already visibly changing and politicians politicians allow for continued record breaking greenhouse gas emissions we are building a militant climate movement that makes a switch from mass protest to mass disobedience. We are calling for everybody to join us in this collective struggle. When we join forces we can break the power of the fossil fuel industry!

Join us!
Code Red is a grassroots action collective made up of individuals who dedicate their free time in order to build a movement for a just transition and against the fossil fuel industry. The more we are, the stronger we get. Participation in this action does not require any specific experience. Everybody can make a valuable contribution!

Spread the message!
Moreover, we need all your help to spread the message about the action.I nvite your friends, family, colleagues and other contacts by talking to them, writing an email or spread information via social media to come to our info events, trainings and most importantly the camp and the action itself. If you would like to receive posters, flyers and stickers to help with the mobilization in your area or during important events send an email to

For more information on Code Rood: en

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