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posté le 14/07/18 par L.B. Mots-clés  répression / contrôle social 

Of seven articles posted this year, only two were accepted at de.indymedia, five were rejected. Accepted were a report on the corruption of the national Environmental Protection Agency, and another one on environmental damages caused by factory farming and illegal waste disposal in small river creeks. Rejected were reports on sexualised violence in anti-aviation circles, on military abuse of a cancer-relevant herbicide purchased by a national monopolist, as well as on North American water torture, on abusive Internet monopolies, and a criticism of the Prime Minister. Of five German and two English language reports, only two German language ones were accepted, all English language ones were rejected, although it is the declared purpose of national indymedia sites to provide foreign-language content of local relevance to foreign readers. No factual corrections could be reclaimed, and no private or internal information to be complained against is contained in any of the reports, in fact all articles could as well stand in court. de.indymedia censorship hit and missed equally both evidence and analysis.

Full link list :

- Merkels unwürdiger Abgang (currently censored)

- Aufruf zur Entmonopolisierung des Internet (currently censored)

- Kommentar zur amerikanischen Frage (currently censored)

- Keine Massentierhaltung mehr im Linngrund !

- Evidence of Military Abuse of the Herbicide "Glyphosate" (currently censored)

- ZENSURWARNUNG : "Ecocrowd" zensiert Umweltaktivist*en

- Sexualised Abuse Warning against Monika Wolf (currently censored)


In its founding idea, indymedia also was meant to be a corrective against political mistakes made by short-sighted citizen´s groups driven by ideological opportunism against more radical changes favoured by the anti-globalisation movement. When a reformist group would decree a gag order against a radical activist, indymedia was meant to be the platform to neutralise the aggression. In this hindsight, it is especially regrettable that the current management configuration of de.indymedia utterly failed as a first aid instance against an attempt of a corrupted Green party chapter to throw a veteran environmental activist under the (air-)bus.

The current site operators of de.indymedia ought to be exchanged because of their total ignorance of what is happening in activist circles in Germany under Merkel.

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