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Facebook on Chaos Communication Congress

This year’s Chaos Communication Congress 32C3 is nearly over. We were astonished that even facebook is offering its platform as onion-service (tor-hidden-service). The community may be annoyed by this strange “alliance” with the tor-project. But we think this more as making tor-hidden-services a standard as an alternative access to any website.

Nevertheless we were glad to find a contribution on this year’s conference as a very clear position against facebook (documenting a direct “defacing”-action at the german facebook headquarter in Hamburg two weeks ago).

Ugly Faceook – Fundamental Dislike

Since last week Mark Zuckerberg went on parental leave in his early 30ies – good for him. His female employees on the other hand are pushed to postpone maternity by means of social freezing until way after 40 to enable exploitation of the work force of young women without family planning getting in the way. Nominally supporting self-determination of women facebook and Apple were the first companies to put that kind of pressure on female employees ...

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