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Freedom for Anarchist Comrade Radek !

posté le 15/04/19 par NN15 Mots-clés  répression / contrôle social 

Our friend Radek has been held in custody in the Netherlands for 5 months now. He was charged with attempted arson at the Polish embassy, which carries a sentence of up to 12 years in jail.

Radek – just as many other workers on emigration – had dealt with exploitation by the employers, on a daily basis. Exploitation, unfair pay, unpaid overtime, atrocious living conditions – the realities of work in the West. Radek had tried to solve those problems in a less radical matter. He had given a shot by going public with it, informing the media, executing his rights. None of it helped.

Eventually, he took a brave step forward. He went to the Polish embassy in The Hague, with a can full of gas and a lighter. He then informed them that he would burn the place and asked for people inside the building to be evacuated. In reality : the springs from the lighter were taken out, so as to make sure, that starting a fire wouldn’t be possible.

By drawing attention onto himself, his goal was to make people aware, of what kind of conditions the employment agencies ‘serve’ Polish workers in the Netherlands. He did it in his own name and in the name of everyone, who are just like him – oppressed by this whole machine of exploitation.

We’ll keep you updated with more details about the incident, after we get Radek’s letter, in which he describes his actions and labour conditions in the Netherlands.

Our friend wanted to spread awareness about the problem, which hurts helpless people, in need of money, with families they need to take care of. He wanted to show, what kind of shit is being condoned. Meanwhile – his cry has been silenced and the case is being kept quiet… So as to shut him up as soon as possible.

He has still two trials left ahead of him ; the sentence is set to be announced in July.

As for this moment, Radek needs our total support : he needs to know, that people – have in fact –heard about the things he tried to convey. That’s why we encourage all of you, to write him letters (when locked down in a single-cell for months, reading those letters, will be one of the few entertaining things to do).

Radoslaw Bogacki RB number 08445474
Pl Alphen aan den Rijn locatie Eikenlaan 36
PO BOX 762

If you’re willing to give financial support, please do – we’d be grateful (please contact us about the account number by private message).
We also encourage you to take solidarity actions.

As for us, we invite you to join our SOLIDARITY PICKET OUTSIDE THE DUTCH EMBASSY IN WARSAW, which will take place on 07-04-19 (DD-MM-YY), at Noon (12 AM), on Kawalerii st 10.

If anyone of you knows any press or places we could contact, to make this thing go wide – please contact us by private message or by e-mailing us : (our e-mail address).

Federacja Anarachistyczna Śląsk/Anarchist Federation Silesia

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