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Lets declare war against the state terrorists and prison constructors

posté le 14/06/15 par Robin Raven Mots-clés  répression / contrôle social  sans-papiers  solidarité  veiligheids / terrorisme 

In solidarity with our comrades from Brussels ! In solidarity with Joke Kaviaar. In support of all struggles against the state and the prison industrial complex ! Let no raids and no arrests keep us from our goal : liberation of all earthlings from the system of life control that capitalism is.

The almighty state creates prisons everywhere. We are in one right here and right now. We are not really free. We are only in one giant yard let out to believe that the state cuts us some slack. The state wants us to believe we have something to gain by being good. Maybe a little more time out in the yard. Maybe some more privileges so we dont step out of line. The state servants make the rules as they go along. Laws are for losers that dont serve the state. They are not for the state to live by and they are not for the rich to live by. They can bend the rules and steal and lie and kill. For all the rest of us : obedience is the states objective. No compliance no freedom. Except it isnt freedom. But nobody knows that. Nobody knows what freedom is. We all forgot. We all think that freedom is owning a house and having a job and going on a holiday. Holidays are the prisons time out. Make sure you are back in time or you lose your good fortune and your luck will run out. But its not luck. Its the states insurance that you will offer your life to it. All fresh from your time out back to enslavement. Until you are old and sick. So what do you do ? You fool yourself into thinking you are free. Just to make this prison bearable.

But we see right through this trick. We do and so do the activists and anarchists in Brussels that were confronted with the prisons security measures last week. Fighting the prison system is the worst crime you can commit. Its the ultimate resistance. Not a crime at all but if it is we need to be proud of it ! How did they dare to use their words as incendiairy devices ! How did they dare to put on a poster to call out DEATH TO THE PRISONS and ATTACK THE COMPANIES THAT DESIGN, FINANCE, CONSTRUCT AND RUN THE NEW PRISONS ? Or did they ?! And how did Joke Kaviaar dare to say the IND should be on fire ? Or did she ?! Same repression everywhere ! Opinions turned to offences ! Free speech is luxury for right wing bastards. FIRE TO THE STATE AND ITS INSTITUTIONS ! Its the right thing to say and the right thing to do ! Lets declare war against the state terrorists ! Mollies for the mobsters that make money out of being part of the prison system ! BURN DOWN THE PRISONS, THE IND, THE GOVERNMENT ! Stand by it. Burn a cop car so they cant patrol your neighbourhood and harrass you and beat you up and even kill you ! Priceless ! Lets dare the state ! Come and try to find us that help spread this idea ! You cant lock up an idea. We will not accept authority ! We accept no prisons ! We dont accept the threat the state poses to take us from the yard the state calls freedom into the closed construction that the state calls prison. As if the prison we all live in isnt here.

But this is the real deal. Be ready for them. Think of your safety and be ready for more. They can make it worse. Sure they can. Step out of line and you will know. Now you are a criminal or a terrorist. Its criminals and terrorists that made that up. They are the government. They are the army and the police. They are multinationals. They control us. They control their control. They control their arms. They control their money. They control doors and keys. They control walls and fences. They make the law. Dont be fooled ! Stand with our comrades that got busted for exposing the truth and fighting the system. Their release will only be temporary and conditional ! Many activists face prison everyday because they fight for freedom ! And they can all tell you that once you are in there it will get even worse. There are more prisons in prisons in prisons. Its like one of those boxes in which they put other boxes. Until you are left alone in a concrete cell six by six feet.

Dont take that crap and fight back until there are no prisons left and no cages. Its on ! Take your guerilla tactics out on the street and into the night and into the world wide web. Make sure you dont get caught. Practice anarchist revolution. Lets bring down power and control. Destroy their cameras and blind their sources of information. Hack, crack and bomb the hell out of them. Whatever sources available. In solidarity with all freedom fighters. Its not criminal. Its self defence. Amandla !

Robin Raven, Amsterdam June 14 2015

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