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Opposition to the Nazis and neo pester Facebook Facebook doubtful against the principles of moderation

posté le 11/03/13 par romalap Mots-clés  solidarité  antifa 

Dear Facebook !

I’m sad and disappointed with the fact that blocked and removed the domain romalap eu, a site which was never abusive, was not involved in spamming or posting dangerous, harmful content – it merely posted news and blog updates important for the Hungarian Roma community !

However, I’m way more disappointed to see that the domain, which operates illegaly in regard of Hungarian law, and is in direct violation of international law due to its’ activities that include instigation against certain ethnical, political and religious groups, propagates their extermination, and is in absolute denial of democracy, humanity and human righty – this domain is still available here !
I’m writing this letter in order to protest against this, demanding that lifts the block they put on romalap eu !

Facebook unwittingly assists the neonazis who are organized well enough to make strategic, regular mass reports on pages with content they aren’t fond of. Facebook, without further investigation, regularly answers these attacks by simply deleting or blocking the aforementioned personal or group pages.

I urge Facebook to make an effort in filtering and trying to root out those neonazi groups operating within its web space that use illegal neonazi symbols and incite racism, genocide, and post abusive content or hate-speech.

Also, I request the inmediate blocking of the domain !

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