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Please Help Save Riseup !

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Please Help Save Riseup !


[] Are you aware that there is an anti-authoritarian, non-commercial and non-discriminatory email provider aiming to serve anyone in emancipatory networks ? To get off the advertising throwaway bullshit that these days comes as email service, and all the other ego spam networks that can not even connect to an all-compatible industrial standard, all you need is two individual recommendations from existing Riseup users. These people take responsibility to check that your are a human, not a bot, so you have to see them, to let you in, though not necessarily both at once. Anyone can pass it on, but not alone.

The current problem of Riseup is that it has not yet reached the status of the English language. When you speak English, much more likely than not it is not your native tongue, but your foreign interface, and the native speakers are a minority in the language space. Riseup is not yet that far. Currently, it has most of its users in its host country, and foreigners are a minority.

It can be saved by an abroad membership surge, that would make government more cautious to avoid provoking server migration. The more international an emancipatory email service is, the less vulnerable it is for national governments, some of which are harbouring severely deluded national security ideologies. It is like a multinational corporation evading taxes — only that we do it for human rights rather than greed.

Currently, the degree of international participation is still too low to enable us to help the North Americans out of their mental captivity, that currently is hindering Riseup to remain a sovereign entity in spite of ever more aggressive commercial monopolies dominating the tech markets in its host state. But here is a chance to confront an adversary, which attacks us even then when we ignore it, on its own territory. Development aid at this point is a valuable investment into rolling back the terror state on our globe. In fact, the tortured egos of Riseup´s regulars in North America are yearning for absorption by international emancipation movements.

An email address is an instrument both for general and individual emancipatory purposes. It may serve to organise a political challenge but also to organise self-defence against homelessness, poverty or abuse. Unlike a membership at one of the gated community services, it can serve as a tool to communicate with anyone connecting to the all-compatible industrial standard of email beyond all community gates. Email has been around for five decades, and had already been there for three when Riseup came into being.

The initial idea is that Riseup users and these interested in obtaining accounts meet, identify and exchange on political events in context of emancipatory struggle — but what do we do in countries whose political culture including even protest movements has become dominated by corporate internet monopolists not interested in all-compatible industrial standards beyond their own accounting ?

Almost twenty years after its start, the sway of North American internet corporations over foreign countries is hindering Riseup to unfold as the international, if not internationalist, entity it was meant to be from its very conception. It seems as if the idea did not yet take off on a global scale, leaving a stagnation pressure on its hosts, who remain too intimidated to pay more than lip-service to their own ambitions to confront and exclude their abusers.

However, most of the quitters from the commercial internet services are not aware of Riseup and how they might find other users leaving them in. There ought to be some advice for these interested to migrate from other services how to spread invitations in their home communities before they leave there. Actually, this and the above should be the subject of a monthly Riseup newsletter. But this year, after giving a last search engine recommendation, Riseup newsletters dried out, and even surrogate content came only delayed.

Riseup´s independence is threatened, and a hostile takeover of its local users by commercial competitors might leave foreign users with unbearable options. Only if so-called "social media" quitters — who are fed up with the low-life conduct of regulars there — manage to help themselves, and carry their "Riseup invitations sought" signs in protests high enough they may find them. There in no one who seriously offers any, for the same reasons that there is no more official newsletter (at least none more serious than that of “Aspen Institute”, hahaha).

This indymedia article may be seen as an unofficial one, written by a foreign user who decommissioned a fifteen years old commercial email address with a national top level domain when joining half as far ago. Email is all about people organising their own affairs, there is no "socially mediated" pressure as in some commercial online communities without outside interfaces — except in the form of the technical abuse called spam, and in the best case not even that, because it would be the visible symptom of corruption. Please help us rescue Riseup by helping yourself get there.

Riseup Newsletter Proposal (Sept 2, 2018)

Please Help Save Indymedia !

[] Of a number indymedia sites across the globe at the latest zenith of the emancipatory open publishing network, only a hard core of a number is left. Some world regions were eradicated by fake news flooding and hostile takeover. And of these a number remaining and a number revived, a number are zombie sites with their admins lost, maintenance error messages running over, and probably a stack of unpaid bills in snail mail boxes as well ; at the brink of server extinction, risking the loss of both valuable emancipatory debate and evidence of paid and/or oathed infiltration.

A number indymedia nodes are second grade zombie sites run by intelligence agencies masquerading as indymedia collectives, requiring to be taken back. A number indymedia collectives are mental hostages of diverse intelligence agencies, yearning for emancipation. A number collectives are being carried in the hearts of national level emancipatory movements in the streets, such as anti-austerity, anti-abuse or anti-ecocrime activism.

It is the very concept of Open Publishing that is threatened, as it becomes thinned out across the globe and corrupted in, as our emancipatory forefathers in the 20th century used to say, the heart of the beast — the global centres of unfair economic domination under the exploitative system of capitalism, whose globalisation indymedia rose up against in the late 20th century, and whose aggressions plague our Earth still today.

Under paid and/or oathed attack, most sites can only work with a stick inside the open door and beat everyone upon the head with a censorship club who might unhinge the stuck collective, regardless whether in an emancipatory or anti-emancipatory direction, and the few exceptions to that have other fundamental mismanagement issues.

The mid-20th century saw this cruel condition in the Communist International, before Stalin dissolved it in 1941 because none of its top socialisers were rising up against the heinous verdict of United States Court banning its national branch for having abroad headquarters (except maybe Vladimir Putin, by reciprocating against Jehovah´s Witnesses, but that may be too little too late).

Now with the internet, we should be able to sufficiently raise minds to prevent it from happening again. Since historical tragedy repeats itself as hysterical travesty, according to Karl Marx, it might be good to be aware that Stalin when closing shop kept the school. However, since its teachers and pupils failed to rise up against the legacy bureaucracy he had inherited from Lenin after its false flag attack in the name of Anarchy, a little later he dissolved that as well and only kept the post-war shadow governments.

Now with the internet, it should be able to avoid repetition. By directing our attention to the serious condition of indymedia, both as an emancipatory tool and as a historical record of our political roots, and dignifying the concept of Open Publishing for what it was introduced for, Riseup birds can make significant change. And it also can be easily contributed to by these who got something worthy to share, just like Wikipedia.

But maybe indymedia ought to put aside the weaponry and adopt a more tribal tactic like the Two Invites Principle ; both a wasted paper cache and a fireplace. This way publishing can be open, gibberish can be put aside and bullshit purged. In case one collective gets stuck on false positives, others can be the necessary corrective to work around it. As long as a significant core of the network remains uncorrupted, it will still be able to heal itself.
Despite the above-mentioned issues, taken as what it is, indymedia could still serve itself as as the platform for the Constitutional Assembly leading the way to implement this. It only requires a swarm of migrant birds to take stops there. There is still life in it.

From an animal liberation point of view, it is a great opportunity to get on top of the paid and/or oathed perps we also face in corrupt corporations and authoritarian governments. As well as a chance to avoid further losses of history in the form of more sites going down like the Brasilian national museum.
The first thing Riseup birds can do is take a wide look from above to understand what indymedia could be in this rotten world of domination, wars and expulsions — an open-minded guide to these who need it most to figure out what Wikipedia and all the commercial and/or stock-market-dependent sites beneath it cannot, because emancipatory is higher than encyclopedic.

Such as, where the bakery is that lives off the wages of the programmers of the construction machine that bulldozed your house, when you would like to go there and compete it off the market because you have nowhere else to go across the globe. Or, how not to drown in the Mediterranean, because a genocidal confiscation policy leaves only throwaway boats, and naive natives across the pond value the vain prestige of redundant rescue operations higher than the restoration of operational safety.

There is a multitude of imaginable perspectives before the top voice springs up with the notification that the best way and the most sustainable way are no longer the same from here, like a navigation bot at the fork of quickest and shortest routing. For what we are and what we want, see our newsletter backlog. Please help us rescue indymedia to help yourself get there.

* * * Open Publishing is like open minds not open loopholes. * * *


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