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Rich mangrove forests facing extinction

posté le 30/04/14 par k.mohan Mots-clés  luttes environnementales 

The 15 hectares of rich mangrove forests a private property in the estauarine islands on asthmudi lake stands threatened due to development activity.It is the only place in india where the rare yellow mangrove is found.The threat was noticed when a research team from the kerala university of fisheries and ocean studies went to collect Sapling and seeds of the yellow mangrove for studies and research.A wall had been erected around a good portion of the island as part of move for reclamation .As a result the tidal activity in the islands has posed a threat to the survival of mangroves Moreover the island is a prime destination for several marine fish species The destruction of the mangrove will lead to the coastal areas getting exposed to erosion flooding and storm damage. altered natural drainage patterns,increased salt intrusion and destruction of critical habitants for many aquatic and terrestrial species with serious implications for bio diversity,conservation and food security.Environmentalists have appealed to the govt to purchase the island at market rates from the individual owner and protect the rich mangrove. There are various schemes for mangrove protection with sufficient fund outlay earmarked for the purpose .The lake conservation fund of union ministry of environment and forests the mangrove aforestation fund of the forest department, biodiversity conservation fund of the kerala biodiversity board and fisheries resources conservation fund of the fisheries dept being some of them where funds can be got for mangroves protection.

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