Soli-Squatparty for Anarchists Italians prisonners (Tekno/tribe/acid/Elektro/Breaks)

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TeKno tRiBe aCiD eLktrO BrEaKs

In Benefits of Anarchists Italians prisoners, victims of "Operazione Renata"

To know more:

If they are innocent they deserve our solidarity

if they are guilty

they deserve it

even more

On the 19th of february the “political” police of Carabinieri , Polizia di Stato and Antiterrorismo made 50 searches in Trento, Rovereto, Bolzano, Napoli, Cagliari and arrested 7 comrades : Agnese, Luca (called Stecco), Giulio, Roberto (called Rupert), Andrea (called Poza), Nico e Sasha.

Sasha was pregnant so she was deteined in house arrest since the first moment. Now she has the restriction of being at home between 21.00 and 7.00. On the 9th of May, the judge caring about the investigation until the process downsized the charges of the prosecutor (art.270 bis, subversive association with terroristic goal for the first 4, and art.280, terroristic attack for the other 3) and accepted to give house arrests to the imprisoned. Only Stecco is still deteined for a sentence to 1 year for an antimilitaristic article.

At the beginning, they were all brought in different prisons of north Italy, than scattered in “special jails” for anarchists. They were imprisoned in an High Level of Surveillance (AS), organized to keep the comrades away from the “common prisoners”.

Agnese, after Rebibbia (Rome), togheter with the anarchist prisoners Anna (Scripta Manent)* and Silvia (Scintilla)* was deported to L’Aquila, a prison with 41bis rows, a torture regime established in 1992 against Mafia prisoners but than used against Brigate Rosse, and now used as a model to repress and torture anarchists and all the prisoners “incorrigible”: only 6 clothes in the cell, only 2 books for time, body search every time you go in and out of the cell, harassement by the prison police. In L’Aquila, and all the prisons with 41bis rows, there is a special corp called G.O.M. (famous for the tortures in prison in Genova 2001).

Stecco, when the other were released, has been moved to Ferrara, far away from the family but the conditions are better because he is toghether with other anarchists.

...and “the Fight goes on”...

*(Silvia and Anna are on hungerstrike from the 29th of May).

The comrades from Trento charged of subversive association are the 4 joining the editing of a ‘zine named “I giorni e le notti” (“days and nights”). For the prosecutor this is a proof of guilt.

They are charged of been the authors of 3 actions:

- the arson of CRYPTOLAB, an encrypted writing lab of the Mathematic and Physic University of Povo (Trento) collaborating with the Army;

- the arson of a radio-tv link also used by Carabinieri for their communications, owened by the company Spa Tower;

- a failed arson of 9 cars of the Local Police in Trento.

They are also charged for false documents manufacturing.

The 3 comrades from Rovereto are charged for the explosion of a big firecracker at the headquarter of Lega ( Salvini’s Party) in a little town in the south of Trentino, another firecracker at the Unicredit Bank, involved in Erdogan business, and another one at Randstad.

If you want to write to Stecco:


via Arginone 327

– 44122 – Ferrara

(FE) - Italy

For more news on the Operazione Scripta Manent and Operazione Scintilla and and on the hungerstrike of many anarchist prisoners in Italy read
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