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Sub-Saharan migrants hostages of the political game between Morocco and Europe 19.08.2014

gepost op 22/08/14 Trefwoorden  répression / contrôle social  No Border  sans-papiers  antifa 


There were several border crossing attempts at the fences of Ceuta and Melilla this year 2014. Many people managed to cross but there were also many push backs, deaths and serious injuries.
During those attempts Spanish and Moroccan police collaboration could be observed, repressing and pushing back migrants who were on the Spanish territory and handing over migrants to the Moroccan military forces.
Several weeks ago a new order came “from above”. During several days the Moroccan coastal border weren’t controlled anymore by the Moroccan coast guard and migrants were told about the opening of the borders.
Subsequently to these rumors several “fence attacks” took place at Melilla by migrants and refugees from the forest in Gourougou. Tens of migrants achieved to reach to the Spanish side and even there several lost their lives.
In Tangier other migrants took the occasion to take boats and buoys to cross the Strait of Gibraltar. The media took over the information, reporting on the front page about an invasion and about the “dysfunction” of the Moroccan police, but forgetting to talk about the “accidents” during the crossings. According to different testimonies several dozens of migrants lost their lives. Dead bodies have been found, at least two boats disappeared and some clothes and materials were washed up on the coasts. How the people lost their lives is unknown and not mentioned by the media and authorities.
Meanwhile in Boukhalef, a quarter of Tangier, where many sub-Saharan migrants live, Moroccan individuals assaulted sub-Saharan women and children with sticks and stones while they were coming back from an African festival. The Moroccan police, present during the assault, didn’t interfere and an activist who was trying to intervene was attacked, too. Once again media made a scoop on the aggression against the activist, not mentioning a word of the racist behavior of the aggressors nor on the state of the victims.
All these tragic events seem to be a political game of the Moroccan authorities to play with their power as border guards of “Fortress Europe” in order to provoke Spain and question the belonging of the enclaves Ceuta and Melilla and to maintain the anti-sub-Saharan racism in their country. We know that Europe’s authorities hand money to the Moroccan guard. Migrants are used as hostages in an economical-political-security game in which the two capitalist states are negotiating over the price of Europe’s border “protection”.

Nothing prevents migration!
No world without migration!
For a world without borders!

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