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Ukraine, 24th to 28th April 2014 in Kiev will be the anarcho-feminist gathering - the 3rd “good night macho pride” GNMP-3.

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The themes this year will be the solidarity and support within the anarcho-feminist groups, the theory and practice of personal reassessment (read political) experience with the anarcho-feminist perspectives groups for consciousness, work and interact with people in the group, who had an injury, burnout prevention activists and activists and others. ---- Among our goals, traditionally - to exchange experiences, ideas and networking between anarcho-feminist groups from different European countries. ---- The program includes discussion of current development of the anarchist movement in the former USSR, issues related to gender, stories about the experience of creation and activity of non-hierarchical groups in different countries, analysis of the problem of "Overcoming sexism in the activist environment," the development of structures of mutual aid and solidarity in feminist collectives, etc . planned to discuss the creation and development of anarcho-feminist groups, strategy and tactics of their activities and interactions with other anarchist groups.

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