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Paranoia delusional disorder

posté le 19/03/13 par geral Mots-clés  répression / contrôle social 

See my short article on the incorrect medical report used by the fbi in efforts to discredit this ex-fbi agent who reports fbi atrocities.

This medical update is provided for two primary purposes :

1) assist all Targets of inhumane DEW and related attacks, so that each
person so affected can fully realize the threat of misdiagnosis posed by
some medical professionals

2) to provide a record of the utter failure of the medical community to
provide a presumption in favor of the patient ( a victim of high tech and
other disturbing assaults) that in fact his condition and symptoms do not
constitute, nor indicate, any form of paranoia

As shown in the medical report attached hereto, I presented for a routine
medical exam on March 5, 2013, to Dr. Robert F. Holder of Harlingen, Texas.
[I am referred to Dr. Holder by Dr. Asase who saved my life and who has the
highest praise for Dr. Holder. ]*

I explained to Dr. Holder some of the symptoms related to DEW assaults
and I briefly outlined my belief that the fbi is engaged in a high tech
vendetta against me for reporting their crimes to the US Congress. I stated
that sleep deprivation and related crimes against my person by government
thugs are causing many medical symptoms (See : )

Dr. Holder entered his findings in his report which is comprised of three
(3) pages ; I edited and patch worked the relevant portions of his report
for this update, so that one page of his report is shown here. The exam
took place on the fifth of March, 2013, but on the seventh of March, 2013,
the doctor revisted his medical chart to add the finding of "Paranoia
Delusional Disorder".

I believe that the doctor is probably an excellent physician (unless the
reader infer otherwise) and I hope that all medical doctors will better
inform themselves of the need for patients to feel free to accurately
report high tech assaults against them without concern that the doctors may
incorrectly enter a startlingly false ’psychiatric diagnosis.’ I also
believe that Dr. Holder may have read some of my reports on line and that
perhaps such a reading tended to confirm in his mind his initial incorrect
determination on March 7, 2013.

This report is not intended to disparage any person, and in time I trust
that government officials and professionals in medicine, dentistry and
law (interalia) will become truthful in dealing with some of the most urgent high
tech (DEW) issues of our time. Otherwise, actual delusion sweeps over the
world within the ranks of the very intellects we all look to sometimes for
guidance and/or assistance.

Any person who calls another person delusional must take care that such
name calling may reflect a de facto delusional state with respect to
complex matters outside of the immediate expertise or experience of both
the layman and the doctor.

* The report :

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