Protestations contre les arrestations de migrants Subsahariens au Maroc

Aujourd’hui des activistes du camp NoBorder manifestent à la fois devant l’ambassade de l’Espagne et la représentation de la Commission Européenne à La Haye. En soutien du Conseil des Migrants Subsahariens au Maroc elles/ils revendiquent que les droits humains soient respectés. En plus elles/ils exigent que l’Europe arrête l’externalisation et l’exportation de la surveillance des frontières européennes et la corruption de l’état Marocain pour jouer le rôle de chien de garde.

Dans la nuit du 23 au 24 juillet 2013 un groupe de migrants subsahariens a essayé de franchir les clôtures de Melilla. Melilla est une enclave espagnole en territoire marocain à la Méditerranée. Les migrants espéraient de construire une meilleure vie en europe et d’envoyer de l’argent à la maison. Par contre ils ont été gravement maltraités par les mâtons espagnoles et marocains. Le lendemain il y a eu des raffles de masse dans les villes du nord du Maroc, des centaines de femmes, hommes et enfants subsaharien.e.s ont été tabassé.e.s, arrêté.e.s et déporté.e.s vers le desert entre le Maroc et l’Algérie. D’autres se trouvent à l’hôpital de Nador où deux sont décédé.e.s et plusieur.e.s sont hospitalisé.e.s avec des blessures graves. Les migrant.e.s demandent de l’aide.

Depuis le 2 août il y a un camp NoBorder à Rotterdam. C’est un camp d’action en soutien des migrant.e.s sous la bannière de "liberté de mouvement".

La lettre suivante, en anglais, est présentée à l’ambassade espagnole et la Commission Européenne, et a été envoyée à l’ambassade du Maroc :

Arrests of Sub-Saharan migrants in Morocco
with great concern I learned from Moroccan, Spanish and international media, that Moroccan security forces executed various raids against Sub-Saharan migrants in the North of Morocco and in other cities like Mekhnés and Rabat. For example : on July 27th 140 migrants were detained close to the city of Nador and some days before, on July 24th, nearly 300 migrants were detained in the neighbourhood Boukhalef in Tanger. Latest news – 7th of august – is that 68 migrants of whom 34 women,28 children and 6 men, are kept in a camp in the city of Berkan near the Algerian border.

A group of unarmed migrants attempted to override the border fortifications to Melilla in the night of 23th to 24th of March and these desperate trys which are going on since years now were given as a reason for the actual police raids. During the raids hundreds of migrants – men, women and children – have been severly beaten by the Spanish guards back to Moroccan territory and there
arrested, beaten and deported to the desert at the moroccan-algerian border. In Tanger a senegalese woman in presence of her two year old child was injured and humiliated by police forces and was deported half naked in a lorry to the border between Morocco and Algeria. Close to Nador a woman was forced to leave her seven months old child behind in the forest, another one had to leave one of her three year old twins behind. Those who managed to escape and to hide in the close by forests did not dare to go back into the cities for fear of new raids. Others are in hospitals in Nador, numerous severely injured and two dead persons are reported.

To my opinion it is alarming, that Moroccan media are justifying these inhuman raids by claiming, that the migrants were responsible for armed attacks against the fences of Melilla as they should have used sticks. It is highly deceptive to call these sticks arms (if ever they have been used) and to call the desperate try to overcome the fences violence. The violence was clearly committed by the Spanish and Moroccan security forces as the above mentioned examples show.
And it has to be mentioned here too, that a big part of the responsibility for the violence is the deeply inhuman policy of Spain and the European Union, to externalise and militarise its border regime. Last but not least this policy is responsible for the death of some ten thousands of refugees and migrants from both Sub-Saharan Africa and the Maghreb on their way to Europe since 1993.

Basically I would like to ask you, to advocate for an immediate stop of the ongoing raids, arrests and deportations to the moroccan-algerian border. It is also of great importance, that the responsible persons for the recent cases of death are brought to justice. Moreover all wounded migrants should have the possibility of medical treatment in hospitals without being in fear of being arrested.
Finally I would like to point out, that I explicitly support all corresponding demands of Moroccan human rights organisations.

Yours sincerely,

publié le 8 août 2013