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Queer inclusivity in activist groups

How can we build more inclusive spaces for LGBTQIA+ people in our activist groups ? What do we need to know, to do and to question to get there ? What aspects of our (activist) culture are toxic and keep LGBTQIA+ people apart ?

In this 2-evening workshop, we’ll try to help us have a better understanding of those questions and make ourselves feel more empowered to act for more inclusivity in our activist groups, whether as an ally or a concerned person. We particularly invite people who do not identify as LGBTQIA+ to show up and take this opportunity to learn to better work on this matter in their group.

We’ll talk about gender identities and sexualities, inclusive language, systemic dominations, ally work, unicorns, intersectionnality and concrete steps to make our groups more inclusive. All the while mixing a bit of theory, practical work and sharings from our own experiences. Our intention is to create conversations with you around those topics, rather than pretending to hold the whole truth about it !

The workshop will be mainly in English but some parts can be translated in French or Dutch if necessary (write us if you’re feeling you might need help with language).
The workshop will happen on Wednesdays 18th and 25th November. Given the current COVID-19 measures this workshop will take place online, using zoom/ We’ll start at 18:30 sharp, so try to log in 10 - 15 minutes early to make sure all the technology is working. We will finish around 21.

To register please email
The workshop will be donation-based, meaning that everyone is invited to set a fair contribution, considering what they can afford and the work done by the facilitators and other people involved in it.

We’re looking forward to co-creating this you !

Julien & Robin

Robin (they/them or he/him) Dutch, white, mixed-class, able-bodied
Likes : chocolate, kickboxing, dancing, trees, rituals, meditation, alpacas, purple, and direct action.
Over the years Robin has been involved with campaigns and actions on various themes, including squatting, queer feminism, Flemish forest policy and fracking. In recent years, their focus has shifted to training and facilitation work. He is excited to be offering this workshop to open up conversations about how activist groups can become more welcoming to LGBTQIA* people.

Julien Didier (he/him or they/them) is a white queer man from a rural middle-class origin.
Likes : chatting a lot, dancing, stories around the fire, climbing and hiking, Starhawk.
Julien is a facilitator and activist and he’s part of various collectives mainly working on climate justice and queer liberation. After working a lot with collective intelligence practices, they’re now interested in finding more ways of challenging systemic dominations, working on inclusivity and managing conflicts in activist groups.

publié le 13 novembre 2020