solidarity with the anarchist spyro stratouli-video

Solidarity with Spyros Stratoulis, prisoner in struggle for over two decades in the Greek dungeons, who is conducting a hunger strike since November 11th, 2013, demanding a full acquittal from fabricated indictment charges for his alleged membership in a fictitious criminal organization (Thessaloniki, 2012), as well as the immediate re-granting of his exit permits from prison.

“I will respond drastically against the vengeance of the State that attempts to break resisters, against its monopoly of decision upon and looting of our lives, as well as against the indifference of every single puppet toward life, freedom and dignity” —Spyros Stratoulis, incarcerated in the prison of Larisa.

here is a video of a solidarity demo in thessaloniki.
toonight, solidarity action at the prison of larissa.

publié le 31 décembre 2013