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Stop G8 : Call-out for graphics : Art vs. Capitalism !

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StopG8 Week of Resistance June 2013.

Art vs. Capitalism.

Calling all artists, designers, painters, taggers, makers, rappers, singers, poets, performers, musicians, film-makers, hackers …

This June the G8 “world leaders” are coming to the UK. The Stop G8 Network is organising a week of action and events in London on June 10-18. This will include action in the streets, and also a programme of talks, meet-ups, films, games, concerts, and more, all over London and beyond.

The G8 world bosses are just one of the most obvious faces of capitalism : a system that kills, exploits, and degrades the many for the profit of a few. That burns up our world, buys and sells our lives, our dreams and our dignity. Our aim in June is to spread understanding of what capitalism is, how it works, how it touches all our lives, and who’s behind it. And to spread resistance, and start to create new worlds.

We’re gathering in London, right at the heart of global capitalism. The corporations, banks, hedge funds, and billionaires looting our world have names and addresses. They are in the glass towers of the City, and behind unmarked doors in Mayfair and Knightsbridge. London is the money-laundering den of dictators, the playground of the super-rich. But London is our city too. A city with hope, resistance, and struggle.

We want to make this big, get it out as wide as possible. So we need to start NOW to fill our streets with words, images, sounds of resistance. Leaflets, posters, flyers, stencils, murals, designs. Songs, poems, beats, performances, films, events, ideas, actions.

* Send designs, images, ideas, we’ll collect and share them on the stopg8 website. Everything welcome, there’s no “official style”.

* Print stuff out from the website and distribute in your area.

* Get in touch if you want to organise a gig or event.

* Do your own thing.

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website :

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