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Finnish Government Dirty Tricks List

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Below I have listed Finnish Government Usurp and Dark Actions, which I personally have come across as a Civil Citizen[*] after 1994 happenings in USA and Finland (" ; see the article comment on happenings leading to difficulties in stead of relevant case handling), and which I have found out from other public sources (articles, literature, press and other media) [+], or which I have come across while making complaints by request to other citizen. Acts committed by Finnish Police, The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), Security Police of Finland, Finnish District Prosecutor, The Governance prosecutor, The Prosecutor General, Supervision of Legacy (The Parliamentary Ombudsman and The Chancellor of Justice of the Government), Finnish Tax Administration and Military.

For a Civilian, one occurrence should be enough for a valid court case, but not in Finland :
- Police committing tapping on illegal bases. [*+]
- Police locating person on illegal grounds (by using GSM and GPRS measurement). [*]
- Police committing electronic surveillance/tapping on illegal bases to a personal home. [*]
- Police committing illegal illicit viewing to a personal home. [*]
- Police committing physical disturbance. [*+]
- Police committing physical scaring. [*+]
- Police / other security person following and shadowing on illegal bases on an abroad trip. [*]
- Police committing illegal snooping on University Library on loaned and read books. [+]
- Police prohibiting the freedom of a written word or speech on happened things to come true. [*+]
- Mud slinging via public media (police is in charge of controlling media). [*+]
- Allowing property to be ruined for silencing purposes (police not inspecting crimes). [*+]
- Screening snail mail and postal delivery seizure (from international courts). [*]
- Setting up crimes scenes or attempting to set up the scene to make non-guilty person a criminal. [*]
- Police not solving out ’old boy’ networks (i.e. association connections etc.) on property crime cases. [*]
- Police not solving out possible homicides/killings/offences of life. [+]
- Committing illegal house searched on a security camera attached property (that’s how they get caught). [+]
- Police not running a proper criminal investigations or granting executive assistance on noteworthy property crimes [*].
- Spreading false rumours / disinformation from door to door in the neighbourhood. [+]
- Police possibly black listing people not allowed in mass media. [doubts *]
- Police possibly black listing people not welcome on government posts. [doubts * ; same police writes credibility statements that commits crimes]
- Police recruiting people to work as a spy (from immigrating foreigners) on illegal bases. As a return a person gets a nationality and government post. [+]
- Neglecting The Supervision of Legacy. [+*]
- Neglecting prosecuting on crimes. [*]
- Conflicting Police, District Court and Prosecutor statements in such a way, that cases does not make any progress. [*]
- Blocking complaint routes of legal appeals. [*]
- Police having advised researchers neglecting their obligation to inform citizen about possible hazards in their field of science on “citizens do not need to know everything” -bases. [+]
- Mining International Courts with ex- police legal staff (prosecutors) in such cases, were a civilian lawyers should be nominated to posts (to guarantee legal rights). [*]
- International political treaties preventing domestic or international laws to apply. [doubts on SDP and CIA ; * +]
- State : Continuous disturbance of personal privacy and life by placing unnecessary information requests in performance on official’s duty. [*+]
- State:Giving official judgement clauses without any real world or happening relevance as a sitting judge. [*]
- State : One sided production of evidence and plea of innocence. [*]
- State : Direct Acts supporting Russia and USA, even it would mean violating the laws. [doubt]
- State : Referring to ’single case’ in a multiple case.
- Academically narrow minded judgements making deliberate financial damage. [*]
- State : Applying Russia administration in handling cases. [*]
- State : Direct Academically proofed idiotism ; people usually understand correct their mistakes.
- Political appointments to office.
- ...

Referring to the short list of general observation based on specific case evidences, it makes pretty clear, why I no longer trust The Finnish Police, The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), The Security Police of Finland, The Finnish District Prosecutor, The Governance Prosecutor, The Prosecutor General, The Supervision of Legacy (The Parliamentary Ombudsman and The Chancellor of Justice of the Government), The Finnish Tax Administration and The Military. According to the proofs, one can not longer trust to Finnish State reps. ability in research or manage things, interpret law and make proper judgements. Other deductible results are trivial as the consequences. I’m worried as both, capitalists and socialists (including Communists) are morally ruined. More over Finnish Civil Servants are know for their despotism and anyone entering into Finland should face the fact of being under Government’s Adaptation Program because this nation needs news people not aware of the real facts how this nation operates.

As I am not a lawyer or a solicitor, may some terminology and meanings vary (in minor extent) to theirs.

When people have become this rude I think everyone can see the becoming options and result. These Academically Educated People, with No or Loose Moral and Ethics, has become as severe threat as part of the younger generation ; consequences are trivial.

Åke Tyvi
B.eng., MSc Student

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